Телефон I-mobile 313

Телефон I-mobile 313


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Case Logic SSMA 313 (Welded Sleeve) Review
Case Logic SSMA 313 (Welded Sleeve) Review The Case Logic is A replacement to the Old Case that you might have seen me do a review on before, this one is build for great materials and absolutely recommended for School use. @mobilegonline Subscribe to TechSpective for Jeremy Rochelle editing skills! *The channel will be going through a change in style in the few days to come! The New Mobile Gadget! PT2M19S
- Startups - Jason Goldberg of FAB-TWiST #313
- Startups - Jason Goldberg of FAB-TWiST #313 Never miss an episode! Subscribe in iTunes: Audio (http://bit.ly/TwiStA) || Video (http://bit.ly/TwiStV) Visit http://www.sourcebits.com to begin your web app development journey. Take a meeting with Sourcebits and you'll also get a 15-minute meeting with Jason Calacanis! Email sourcebits@thisweekin.com for more info. Need proper terms and policies for your site? Go to http://www.SnapTerms.com to get started. Terms start at ONLY $149. When you checkout, enter the coupon code TWIST to get a free NDA with every order. ============== On this episode of TWiST Jason sits down with fab.com founder Jason Goldberg. They discuss what caused the pivot from social to e-commerce, the importance of design, and why Jason is kicking himself for passing on the opportunity to invest. Jason Calacanis on this show: "Listen to this episode twice, it was one of the best we've ever done!" 0:30 Jason Goldberg, the founder of fab.com is on the program today. You'll hear about why I'm kicking myself about missing this opportunity to invest. 1:30 Use the code "TWiST" on SnapTerms.com for a free NDA 5:00 So the site started as a social community for gay men right? 6:10 Why did you decide to pivot? 8:15 What do you think the problem is with iteration? 9:00 Does it take an older entrepreneur to make the decision to pivot? 13:50 So you were trying to bring design to the masses? 14:10 Let's talk about design. 14:50 What changed in the world that made design so important? 16:45 How do you become an expert on design? 18:55 How do you decide whether a product is fab worthy or not? 19:50 When you put really expensive items on the site, do you sell a lot of them? 20:15 How many products are featured per day? 23:20 Visit sourcebits.com! They are now offering a 50/50 deal on apps. You pay 50% now and 50% when you get your next round of funding 30:10 How many emails does fab send daily? 30:40 Are tablet users spending more than non-mobile? 33:00 Let's talk about the cost and funding of designers. 33:25 What do you think about the KickStarter model? 36:20 Let's talk about your funding. 39:40 How amazing would it be to walk into a brick and mortar fab store? 40:15 Why is fab doing TV commercials? 41:50 What do you think is special about Tesla's buyer experience? 43:15 When did you know when fab was going to be your big win? When did you stop thinking about the "next" project? 44:10 What things have you done particularly poorly? 45:40 What keeps you up at night? 48:30 This was one of our best episodes, Thanks to Jason Goldberg continued success with Fab.com Follow On Twitter Jason: @jason Jason G: @betashop Snapt Terms: @snapterms Sourcebits: @sourcebits Special thanks to the members of the TWiST Backchannel Program! PT50M37S
313 Mobile Marketing ***QR CODES Detroit, Michigan Marketing***
313 Mobile Marketing ***QR CODES Detroit, Michigan Marketing*** http://313mobilemarketing.com What is a QR Code and what are they used for Mr Mobi101 explains They are a 2 dimensional code that can be scanned by a smartphone to automatically pull up information such as URLs, phone number, videos, photographs, music, text etc. QR stands for 'Quick Response' and QR codes were first developed in Japan by a company called Denso-Wave in 1994. In essence QR codes are 2 dimensional bar codes that can be read both vertically and horizontally. The codes consist of a grid of tiny squares. This allows for far more data to be encoded in a much smaller space than a conventional bar code. 313 Mobile Marketing QR codes are readable by smartphones and QR scanners. Initially they were used to track car parts in Japan, where they are very popular, but now they have a much wider commercial use within the digital world. They can be added to a business card or an email to send someone with a reader directly to your website. So, whereas a bar code pretty much can only identify a product and needs a special device to be scanned, QR codes can embed much more information and trigger an action when read such as downloading a music file or launching a website directly on your phone. Imagine how easy this make it for someone to go to your website, without the bother of actually typing in the url, especially useful if you have a less than memorable or difficult to spell web address. Some popular uses of QR codes: Contact information - add all your contact information including phones numbers, office address, website and email Name tags: Add all your information to your name tag at a conference and colleagues can simply scan it to download all your details. Art: Street artist Banksy has a piece of work in a disused railway tunnel in London which includes a QR code, when scanned this code takes you directly to his Wikipedia page. Shop Windows: In the US Google is sending out QR code decals to small businesses on Google Places, to be placed in the shop windows for passers-by to scan. QR codes are still fairly alien to most people, so make it a little easier for them by adding something of value. Don't just send them to your website when scanned, maybe send them to a special offer page, just for users of QR codes, add something of value to encourage your users. Whatever you decide to do enjoy using your codes and start being creative as they are likely to become extremely popular as more and more people surf the net on smartphones. 313 Mobile Marketing LLC http://313mobilemarketing.com Email: mrmobi101@313mobilemarketing.com PT1M49S

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